Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Love My Husbands

Yes, you read it correctly. Kari and I share husbands. Now, before you head in any kinky direction, just stop yourself and don't go there. Really, don't.

Anyway, Bart does a lot of cooking for our families together and Mike does a lot of repairs and Kari and I? Well, Kari and I, we basically just tell them what to do.

My morning was horrible and after the stressful work week I had, i really couldn't handle the crap that I got from Tony and Dominyk. I had a complete meltdown before church, started crying during church (I think only one person saw me though), and then lost it with Bart afterwards. You'd think after all these years of parenting tough kids that the two who had been here longest would not be able to push me over the edge.

But here I was, hitting bottom -- and Bart came along and offered to take Tony with him to a meeting at the church and had a long talk with him and he started to act a bit more respectfully. And then Mike, yeah, the other husband, called and offered to take Dominyk sledding with him and Ben.

And the rest of the kids that remained, hearing me have a huge screaming meltdown of my own about the filthy house, worked together for a half hour and it's much better.

And now I'm back to trying to get my desk cleaned off and my email done.... but feeling much much better. And, on top of that, Rand is currently at the store and buying chips. Chips solve everything.


Kari said...

I was thrilled when Mike offered to take the kids sledding. The only clean room in our house is our new bedroom and I haven't paid bills and I'm behind on work...I needed to get a few of them out of here so I could get something done.

We've got a good thing going here, don't we?! ~Kari

MBA Community Ministries said...

Glad someone else has those days. Hang in there!

Torina said...

Claudia, hopefully a break from your two troubles will help take the edge off! I hope tomorrow is better and that school isn't cancelled ;)

Mary said...

You deserve a meltdown of your own once in a while!

Linda B said...

How dare Torina say those nasty words of School Cancelled! Sounds like you're due a couple of smooth, peaceful days. Hope they come real soon! Wish I could get in on the husband thing with you guys! Don't know what mine could do, but I'd volunteer him!