Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Never Ending Saga

I have found an option for Salinda. It's Online High School which would mean she would be home all the time but I would not be responsible for her education. It actually sounds like a good option for her but I am in the middle of writing an agreement to have her setting her own hours and coming up with her own consequences. I am willing to give this a shot for two reasons:

1) She is seeking an alternative to quitting school and she is smart and has potential to go to college. She wants to work as a probation officer or a social worker of some kind and she could probably do a fairly good job. I hate to see her feel like she has no choice but to rebel and drop out of school.

2) In the long run it may actually save me time and energy if she can work the program well.

She was open to hearing about it after school and we just may make it work.

Bart had a lengthy and not so positive conversation with Mike while I was dealing with Salinda's drama. What a day!

But now I'm at Dunn Brothers with Dminyk so he can get help with his homework and I can get him out of the house where he often rages about homework. I tried to explain to him that I came here often and that I really didn't need his instruction about where to sit or what to do. He said, "Yup, Mom. youre' right. You're the expert and I'm the learner."

Now if I could just get them all to realize an acknowledge that!


Anonymous said...

Hi Claudia! I've appreciated your advice on Facebook today. Just wanted to comment on this entry. I read your blog through Google Reader so don't often get a chance to reply/comment. Online school has worked AMAZINGLY well for our 16yr old daughter. The first semester was hard because she didn't put in as much "quality" as she did "quantity of work." But she is very committed to doing it herself and it's the first thing she has truly ever "stuck with" for any length of time. :) Also, Bart's blog about his conversation with Mike...sounded word-for-word like our conversations with our oldest son (18, the one I've written you about on Facebook). WOW, it hurts to love these kids sometimes...but I still believe we are doing the right thing!!! God bless your day, Missy

r. said...

A lot of homeschoolers finish a day's work in just a few hours. Maybe if Salinda does the online program, she'll be able to get a job. Who knows? Soon she could have her own car and drive herself to her boyfriend's town. . .

(I say this, of course, not knowing whether Salinda's actually old enough to work; what the rules for young drivers are in your area; or even whether you'd want her to have that extra degree of freedom. But it's a thought.)

Mary said...

Which online school? We did that this fall for awhile and unfortunately the school didn't pony up all of the materials in a timely manner and our daughter lost her motivation (she just started at a new school since break).

From what I know, they are definitely good schools, but you really have to monitor her work and make sure materials are sent to you.

I hope this works! It may be just what Salinda needs.