Monday, January 26, 2009

Long but Good Day

Picked up my suitcase at the airport, got my rental car and then drove through Rush Hour in Atlanta and finally arrived in Greenville at 11:30. The people I am working with were ready to go and we got busy. Worked for several hours and then I headed to the hotel. We're making good progress on our project.

I just cranked steadily for 2 hours and got my inbox back to zero. Now I"m going to work a while on the project and then might even take it easy for a while.

Everything seems to be fine at home based on Bart's reports and I'm happy to be getting things done.....

Even if I never did take time to change yesterday's clothes.

And by the way, the folks down here are wimps. It was shorts weather and they are walking around in winter coats.

And there is green grass and leaves on the trees. What in the world????

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Angela :-) said...

Yeah, I've got relatives in GA. Ask them what happens when they get some ice.

Angela :-)