Saturday, July 04, 2009

All Things Settling Down

I decided to face things head on so I called one of the kids not living here and confronted them about their conversation. An apology was offered and some things were straightened out I then confronted my facebook friend and that has been resolved.

And then I saw a movie by myself. A rare treat, but I enjoyed it.

Now Bart is busy in the kitchen and Kari is busy in her kitchen and I'm sitting planning on eating everything they are making when we head over to spend the 4th with them like we did last year. But reading through that post, today was a much nicer day than last year (so far).

Dominyk is completely off meds this summer and is actually more tolerable without them so I'm not sure what to say. He is quite hyper, so I'm not sure what to tell the psychiatrist.

But I think my minor anxiety attack is over for now and things are back to normal....

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debbie said...

claudia, from what i read, you just try so damn hard to do everything so perfect, just relax, you can't keep beating yourself up all the time. you are a good person. feel good about that. you are one of the people that i read that i wish lived down the road from me. and i am a fussy old lady! but you seem as if you would be a true friend to have. enjoy your day.