Tuesday, July 07, 2009

There's Always Someone

I think I tend to get whiney. Most people probably do. But I mutter to myself and complain about this or that -- both here, in Facebook, and in the "real world" with the people around me. I hate it when I get caught in a rut and sometimes a reminder can jar me and at least make me feel ridiculous for being so whiney.

This morning I ran into a friend at the Y who told me of some health problems she's facing. Certainly not fair at all as she has always been very healthy and taken good care of herself. And here I am suffering no serious health problems even though for most of my life I haven't eaten right, exercised or cared enough.

Really it's just not that fair how things go and there's always someone who has it worse than I do. No matter where we look, there's always someone. My worse and your worse are different things. I look at women who have a kid or two and are stay at home mom's responsible for keeping a perfect house while their husband doesn't contribute at all to the cooking and cleaning and I think their life is way worse than mine. That might be the ideal for someone else. So we all have someone we can look at and say "they have it worse."

People often tell me I serve the same purpose for them. They look at my life and it makes theirs look great in comparison, so they tell me.

So thanks for the reminder, J, if you're reading this. Our prayers are with you! Thanks for being perspective for me this morning. And who knows, things may turn out lots better than you fear.

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