Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Story and How You Can Help

If you read the story about Princess that I asked you to email earlier you know that a former foster child, now adult, needs some tangible help.

I talked to her on the phone today. She revealed to me her real name and her phone number. It took an amazing amount of trust for her to do so. i can tell you that she is a real person. She and I and her kennel have been either emailing or on the phone. While I was talking to "Past/Future" today she received and email from the kennel today saying that they will be putting the dog down on Tuesday if she didn't pay her bill. She blogged about this today and included some pictures of .

The most recent email that I received from the kenne about 15 minutes ago is that they are willing to work with us. I forwarded the email to "Past/Future" and she is so excited. She also got permission today to move in to her new place early and if she can pay the bill she won't have to pay more boarding fees and can bring the dog home by Friday. She is so excited about that possibility.

The total bill will be about $750. We already have $78.00. As I mentioned before, I never do stuff like this, but I would love to reach out and show past/future that regardless of how the system and other adults treated her while growing up, there are safe, trustworthy people in this world who know how to care for others. She was never legally freed for adoption. She is one of those who aged out without a family.

I'm putting a paypal link on my blog. For those who do not want to mess with that and would rather send a check, let me know how much you'll be sending and Bart and I will cover it until your check comes.

Past/Future has asked that she not receive any of the money directly. I have an address of how to sent a Western Union Money Order to the Kennel. I'd like to send at least one installment so they don't put the dog down and the rest by Friday so she can bring her home.

Sometimes I get myself involved in some pretty interesting things. But as Wilson said today, "yup, that's something Jesus would do."

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Cari said...

I just donated. Thank you for setting this up! Please keep us all posted.