Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Back from the YMCA which was uneventful. I'm experience back pain again, only a little bit but some, and that annoys me. In fact, for some strange reason, everything is annoying me lately and I need to get out of that slump. Part of it is probably because I haven't been sleeping well and because I'm tired of being mediocre. But I'm going to save you all from that whining crap and tell you about last night's game.

Last night Bart and I sat through Leon's baseball game which seemed to have 26 innings but they said it was only 7. We won and he had 3 great hits -- three for three. He also made an awesome catch in the outfield. It was a great experience. We sit by ourselves and don't know anyone or talk to anyone, but I think maybe this is better as I recall our days in our former small town where baseball games could make me livid. So it's nice to have some time to just enjoy the game.

Last night Leon would come off the field and look for us, his 14 year old eyes eager to see our approval, and give us the best smile ever. The kind of smile that every parent wishes they could receive when they take time to watch their sons play ball . We were remembering how Kyle would not allow us to get out of the car or be seen by anyone when he was that age. It's so nice to have a different response.

We came home to a not very happy at all Wilson because Leon's game went long and we didn't make it to his. It's also nice to see that it matters. In the past we have had kids tell us very clearly not to show up and watch them play.

Tomorrow night we have 2 baseball games and a soccer game all at the same time. Wonder how we'll be able to manage that...


Ferjenib said...

Claudia - I don't know how you feel about this but my husband and I will divide and conquer multiple, conflicting functions for our boys with another foster parent who has the older sibling of one of the boys. We have three digital cameras and take video/photos at events and then view "highlights" after family meeting. The kids have gotten into it by making it like a newscast. it's not the same as two parents at every event, but it works for us. Now if we could just find a way to handle transportation!- Ferjenib

momatlast said...

My trainer suggested that my back pain could be from tight hamstrings and he turned out to be right. So some hamstring stretches might be worth a shot.

(p.s. Enjoy your blog and read it daily. Looking forward to your book)