Saturday, July 11, 2009


The last couple days I have had no time whatsoever to reflect on anything. I have been going full speed ahead now for days and propelling myself from one task to another, one meeting to another, trying hard to impact the world the way I feel it should be impacted, pursuing my passions, and caring for my children who have been more delightful this summer than ever before. It's been energizing and fun, but I have had no time to reflect.

This morning Kari's Post which led me to Cindy's Post which took me to the other cindy's post as well as Theresa's Blog and I absolutely had to stop and digest and reflect.

Thirty minutes of pondering all those posts and digesting them, and I have no answers. Other than that we all have something to be grateful for.... and that maybe reflection is something I should start making time for.

Why is it that we realize when life is more than half over how short it really is?

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FosterAbba said...

Hi Claudia, it looks like the link you posted to Kari's blog isn't correct. The actual link to her Pain Sponges post is here: