Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Busy Days of Summer

So many things go on in our world that it would be impossible to document them. Little things that make us laugh, like Wilson's indignant look, or the beaming smiles of Leon and RIcardo when they grin. Dominyk and Jimmy's crazy comments, Sadie's fixation with her hair and nails lately -- just all those little things that make teenagers and preteens fun to be around. But remembering them even long enough to get back to the computer is sometimes tricky.

This afternoon Jimmy and Sadie and I are heading west to our old hometown where I am going to get a haircut and visit with one of the families on my caseload. We're looking forward to some time away. Then I'm back and heading to St. Paul on Thursday night for a meeting all day friday, back home, and then back up there for an all day worship seminar with Sadie and some other women from church on Saturday. Next week I fly to AZ to visit my parents.

SO in light of all that, I have much to do. We just found out yesterday that the place where we rented our mailbox so our company could have an address is now closing -- thus all of our printed material is going to be wrong. Sigh. Lots to do, little time.... but so much of it fun.

And the reprieve from all of the stress has been nice this summer. We've had our best summer ever and I've loved the time we've spent together as a family and the time with the kids. It's been spectacular.

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