Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Full Day Ahead

Thanks for the comments last night of support about the "It's not really your grandchild" comment. I plan to follow up today just to ask some questions and make her think. I realized something last night -- the main issue is that I have her situation figured out. She doesn't. She is living in some little dream world doing her best to make everything all right. She is making things so easy on the father of the baby that he can't possibly not fall into line. But she is scared to death, subconsciously, to do one thing that might demonstrate what a small investment he has in the whole deal. Right now she can assume that he is in love with her and mature enough to handle all this, but if she made him be inconvenienced at all, then what if he didn't do what she asked???

Better not to ask.

I can't help but get frustrated about impossible situations that I did not choose. But maybe I should add this to my pre-adopt training -- if you adopt a girl, expect to be a grandma earlier than you might wish. Then if it doesn't happen that way, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Or, I suppose you might be thinking, "if you're smart, put them on birth control right away."

My main concern is that she not use the baby to manipulate, especially as it gets older and can figure things out. I will let her know that she is already doing that by saying things like she did yesterday and caution her from continuing to do so. It will go in one ear and out the other, but it will make me feel better to say it.

I just started multitasking and realized that my file for my Keynote presentation for tonight is corrupt and won't open. It was half done and now I am going to have to start from scratch.

So, this blog entry has been interrupted by a shocking jar into life and I must be done. Now. You don't even get to hear about my full day as I promised in the blog title. I'll tell you more later.... if I have time.

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