Monday, July 13, 2009


I am amazed, awed by your generosity.

We are over $500 and so it looks like we will have what we need if it keeps coming in.

Now, what happens if we get too much as I will not have time to constantly be adding it up as the day goes on.

Do you have Ideas of things we could do for Past/Future if too much comes in? (I wasn't anticipating this problem, but it may very likely happen if I'm not here to post that we have enough....


Foster Ima said...

Brainstorming options:
1. help pay rent
2. help pay for dog food
3. save for another blog community emergency
4. donate to Send a Kid to Camp (see John Kelly's columns at
5. return to donors proportionally to how much they contributed
6. return to donors who requested to be paid back
7. donate to one of the Caseys or another foster care foundation
8. buy lots of ice cream

FAScinated said...

I think anything extra could go on a VISA gift card for care of the dog or her own care needs. Who couldn't use a little help these days?

AnnMarie said...

I suggest giving it to her and asking her to save it for the next vet bill, just in case.

Kathleen said...

Maybe put it on deposit with the vet for Prin's future vet needs?

The Artful Frogger said...

I don't need to be paid back, if she wants to donate it to a charity that fine.

Ideas for if there's an overabundance. See if she needs any supplies for her new home.

Kat said...

Gift certificate for doggie products to Past/Future?

Trust Past/Future enough to give her the extra, or let her choose a charity? (Trust may be a bigger gift than the $$.)

Linda B said...

I second Kari's idea.