Wednesday, March 09, 2011

24 hours

Guess I should blog.

So, that post about progress. Geez, did I jinx things. Our oldest daughter was texting and calling me with drama, our 22 year old is homeless and hungry, and now John and Courtney had a big fight and they have all suddenly moved out but not together. So I'm not sure if/when I'll see Isaac this morning.

I was awakened several times last night and got up at 5:10 to go to the YMCA. By the time i came back from the Y the worst offender the night before at ruining my sleep was refusing to go to school, pushing me to tears (which hardly ever happens). He then mocked my tears....

The rest of the day just perpetually got a bit worse every minute.... But I"m recovering. I have made a meal without going to the grocery store, proving ot the kids tha twe can save money when we try.

Guess I should go serve them soon. Sorry for not blogging earlier...

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Gail Underwood Parker said...

Wishing you a better night's sleep tonight, and praying that somehow today you found a moment of calm and peace amidst the chaos. Everything is easier to bear with a moment to breathe. [perchance to sleep??]
Hang on.
Gail Underwood Parker