Thursday, March 17, 2011

A few Hours of Normal for the Week

I'm at Dunn Bros having breakfast and catching up. Wow what a week I've had and it isn't over yet -- today I head over to my main office in Owatonna after the van gets fixed and have several projects to complete there that have to do with pieces of paper and files. I hate pieces of paper. If I had my way I would never touch another pen or piece of paper again.

Then this afternoon I have a home visit followed by Support Group from 6-8. I have another home visit tomorrow meaning I won't have had dinner with my family all week. I usually don't schedule myself like this but we are taking a vacation at the end of the month. I'm hesitant about how open to be as we have grown kids who don't live with us who might be interested in showing up while we're gone -- but let's just say I'm having to cram 4 weeks of work into three.

I'm doing my best to stay caught up with work and have been more successful than I have in the past, but there is a LOT. And I have this book to get published by April 7th....

Are you tired of my blog posts yet?

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