Tuesday, March 01, 2011

My Bad

So I messed up. Last night there was an error publishing one of my websites and so I started messing with crucial things without backing up and now I have to reconstruct everything.

But Bart is out of town. Not a single one of my kids was anywhere near me when I messed up, in fact, they were quiet so I couldn't even blame background noise. I have to own this one.

It's natural human tendency, I think, to look for someone else to blame. I certainly see this in our kids. But part of growing up is being able to accept responsibility.

When I was in college and then when I worked at the college I was a huge soccer fan, going to nearly every team game. And at that time the phrase "My Bad" was quite popular and was used all the time on the field with the team. When one of the players missed a shot, or should have done something they didn't, they yelled out, "My Bad" to acknowledge the responsibility and relieve others.

Wouldn't it be amazing if the child welfare system worked like that? Where when someone made an error they could simply call out, "MY BAD" to the rest of the team, instead of doing their very best because of liability to cover their own butts?


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Unknown said...

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