Sunday, March 06, 2011

Very Strange Morning

I was awake about 6:40 and Bart asked what time it was. I told him it was 6:40 and that he didn't need to get up yet. He said he needed to. At 7:15 I leaned over and saw him still there and suddenly realized it was daylight savings time. I woke up him and said, "oh no. We forgot to change our clocks! He said, 'You're right!" I said, "that means it's 8:15 right?" He grabbed his Ipod (which changes the clock automatically) and said, "YES! I'm never going to make it." (Church starts at 9 and he usually leaves here at 8). I said, "Is there anything you can do to help you?" He responded, "nothing other than planning my funeral. The people at the church are going to kill me!"

My mind started spinning. I needed to shower after him and wasn't sure how I would do that. I needed to get all the kids up -- they were used to having 30 minutes now they would have more like 15. I grabbed my Iphone but the time there only said 7:20. I was quite puzzled and started fiddling with the settings of the phone to see why I hadn't instructed it to change at DST like it always has been. I headed to the bathroom and heard Bart already in the downstairs shower and concluded that he must have decided not to shave, which is beyond strange for him.

I headed back to the bedroom and suddenly realized that it was the 6th of March and not the 13th and I felt really bad for giving Bart such a fright. When he headed upstairs I said, "I'm so sorry! It's not DST! That was such a weird conversation. Are you ok?"

He said, "What weird conversation? The last thing you said to me was, "You don't have to get up yet." I said "No, we had a long conversation about Daylight Savings Time?" And he said, "When? I've not been back in the bedroom since 6:40?"

Apparently my dreams are becoming quite real or my mind is starting to go. Or both.

But this strange morning followed a really good day around here yesterday. The chore system seems to be motivating people and there was less struggle than usual about chores and dishes. I spent some time reading and that was relaxing. We had the Coffees over for a GFCF dinner which was quite tasty. All in all the day went well.

Maybe it was the fact that I was awakened 5 times between 9:45 and 11:30 that made me dream weird.....

But now it IS really 8:05, so I better go wake them and get them off to church...

My head is still spinning...

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Marge said...

Thanks! I read the first paragraph and told Ernie that church, about 40 minutes away was starting in five minutes! We wouldn't make it. Then I continued reading and found it just one of your silly dreams. You scared me!