Saturday, March 05, 2011

A Couple Things to Share

Bart wrote a creative piece that was published on the Weavings blog and I thought for sure I had told you about it, but it's looking like maybe I didn't. So check it out! It's called My Heart is Like Wax.

I have also finished updating our website after the software debacle.

I hope you'll check it out -- it shows things we have written and where we are speaking next and there is a cool page with descriptions of each of the kids...

If this is your first time to check it out let me know what you think!


Aprilelah said...

Hey Claudia,

The new site looks great! I did notice some links that need your attention though - the "Speaking Schedule" link doesn't seem to work on the Claudia or Bart pages. I noticed because that's where I expected to see where you'd be speaking next.
Love to see the site evolve!
- AprilinRI

Claudia said...

That's weird. They are working for me. Anyone else having trouble?