Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No Pain Means Gain

Weight Gain I'm afraid. I'm so bummed about my back. I can hardly move and I have been advised to baby my back until it heals. It was really weird - on Friday after a great week of exercise I thought to myself -- wow, I hope I don't hurt myself somehow to stop this momentum -- and boom on Saturday I twisted my back and now I'm almost immobile.

I am also finding that being in constant pain is exhausting. Last night I got to the hotel and did a few things and then crashed at 8:30. I was so tired. Got up and 7 -- slept 10.5 hours! Then I cranked through email, drove 2 hours, cranked through email some more, had a home visit, drove anohter hour, had another home visit, drove another hour, and checked into the hotel. I've been trying to relax and clean up email but I"m going to be going to bed at 9 tonight. Just too tired.

had to miss the wrestling banquet.... very sad... I wished i could have been there.

Have to train all day tomorrow then heading home. Rest of the week is quite busy and I want to have the next book ready to publish by Monday so the weekend will be busy finishing that up.

Yikes. I'm tired....

Things seem to be fine at home. John, Courtney and Isaac have moved back in....I hear Isaac can roll over. In fact, I saw him do it on Face Time on the Iphone last night! Can't wait to see him...

I'm in pain. No exercise. But I hope there's no gain. Sigh....

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