Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jinxing Things

I don't know that really believe you can jinx things, but ever since I wrote this post things have gone downhill. Drama, disobedience, defiance, threats, "running away", leaving the house without permission, and the quote, "NOBODY thinks it is a big deal if teenagers smoke pot and parents don't consequence kids for doing that any more." Seriously?

So it's been a taxing week. We ended up not getting babysit, haven't seen our grandson since Tuesday, and I'm leaving in the morning for three days. Shoulda know better than to fall in love with that little guy. I'm pretty sure attachment disorder is contagious.

But I should be grateful that so far this morning nobody has threatened to kill me and I don't think I've heard swear word. They hve ben awake for 20 minutes. This may be a record.

And we did remember to set our clocks and got up on time. Did you?


Gail Underwood Parker said...

I had to laugh!!... Who else but foster parents celebrate the fact that no one has threatened to kill them in 20 whole minutes?? Maybe one day foster parenting will be part of the DSMV criteria for mental illness!
Gail Underwood Parker

Miz Kizzle said...

Good golly! Where do they get the money to purchase pot?
I don't know who the "nobody" is to whom your child was referring but my kids would be in a world of you-know-what if I ever caught them smoking herb or ingesting any kind of mind-altering substance including beer before they reached legal age.

DynamicDuo said...

jinx or no jinx sometimes you gotta praise the days when life is Good! we did get up in time, however not all our clocks got changed and supper was very late tonite ;0)