Thursday, March 10, 2011

Much Better Day

Up at 5 to go to the Y again without Kari (who has wimped out on me twice in a row!) Was planning to bring Jimmy to Duluth but reminded him that I am participating in this 40 days of Water project and would not be buying him any drinks he decided to stay home. Tony begged me to come but he has been so awful to me lately and his grades are so bad that I said no. But i got down the street and decided that his grades couldn't be much worse and that our relationship needed improving so I went and picked him up.

And we've had a very nice day! Tiring, but nice....

And one of the cases I'm working on looks like it is going to have a wonderful resolution that is out-of-the-box and will be very good for the child involved. So it's been a day well spent.

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Kari said...


I'll admit that yesterday was kinda wimpy...however, one could argue that it was good self care as I was choosing to have more than 4 hours of sleep.

And Wednesday my husband left at 3:30am to plow snow. Do you really want me to leave my children unsupervised?!

Kudos to you for going without me! (*Notice how encouraging and loving I am toward you even after you called me a wimp. What a good friend I am.)