Monday, March 14, 2011

Need Endorphins

Because of my back I haven't been able to move much and I am missing my endorphins! I'm having a mini pity party about everything. Everywhere I go and everywhere I turn I see a reason why I'm not a perfect parent.

Have you ever had one of those days? You walk through your house and it seems that everything you walk by screams out "Reason number one you suck stink as a parent. Reason number two. Reason number three...." and on and on... through the house, in the vehicle, each interaction? If not, then maybe you don't suck stink as much as me!

Part of the challenge is that fixing EACH of these things would take a very long time. Like getting boys to lift the seat and flush the toilet. I've been working on that for 14 years and still I have to wipe the seat every time I sit down. And get a load of this. When Tony and I were in Duluth he never flushed the toilet or lifted the seat once at the hotel. Since there was nobody else to blame, he even had to admit that he had done it. But he said, "So? We're in a hotel." Explain that one to me.

I have a busy three days ahead with several meetings, a radio commercial, two hotels, and travel, as well as a full day training. I'm trying to gear up for all of this without any endorphins and walking around like my father -- who will be 89 this year.

So, there you have it. My very own pity party and you got to come. Lucky, lucky you. ;-)

(note: googling "Pity Party" in google images actually made me smile. No cheating Kari. Anybody want to do it and guess which image I forced myself not to use on the blog?)


Tina Szymczak said...

The one with the individual sitting on the toilet??
I hope your back is better soon. I totally hear you about the toilet thing - though for some reason it has not sunk in for me that I need to check & wipe the seat BEFORE I sit down EVERYTIME!!! sigh

Treasured Grace said...

I'm gonna guess the Hwy's sign! LOLOL Would have been my first choice:)