Monday, March 21, 2011

It's all Jinxed

Last night I was trying to get things ready to take pre-orders for my next book and the whole online world seemed to be jinxed. I spent hours getting nothing done and it's still not ready. Bart said something about me not making the Sabbath holy and that being the reason why -- but if that's the case I should have had several bad Sundays and often those are the days things flow well because I'm more relaxed.

But I'm fairly caught up with most of my work and I have some comp hours coming from last weeks very long week, so I may just get it figured out today. I don't have any meetings today and I don't have to go anywhere so it may just work out!

My back is feeling a bit better this morning too, so that's good news.

If you are one who prays I hope you haven't stopped praying for our kids. They are getting older now and don't always want what's going on with them on the blog, but most are still struggling in school and with making good choices, though things are more settled...

Just a few more days until we head south....

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