Tuesday, March 08, 2011

More Feedback

Great suggestions! So, more feedback now?


Keri Harrison said...

You should have Issac's photo be on top of the corner of the family photo. It wouldn't hide anyone or anything.

Keri Harrison said...

Also - shouldn't God's have an apostrophe?

robyncalgary said...

i was just going to comment exactly what keri said in both her comments. otherwise i like this layout better then the more recent post, just with these couple changes

marythemom said...

I like this one best. Having the baby on the lower half of the fridge makes it seem to crowded. I like that you took off the Christmas greetings, with the baby with the Santa hat it was looking too "Christmassy" for a book that's not about Christmas. My only other suggestion is some sort of "magnet" for the wedding picture holding it onto the "fridge" - otherwise what's holding it on? The rest look like they're being held on with the letters.

Have you seen Because I Said So's header on her blog? It's a cute refrigerator design too.

Mary in TX

Mary in TX