Wednesday, March 25, 2009

14 Words

If you want to find out how my trip to the Y was you can. It's kinda funny. Maybe.

Yesterday I took a vacation day from my daughter's drama since she doesn't really know that I'm alive anyway most of the time, and she told me she didn't want to talk to me, so I just figured I wouldn't make her talk. She was up fairly early and did school work without being reminded but she's still far behind. I'm trying not to check very often, but I do have a touch of OCD and knowing that I can look any time to see exactly how many assignments she has gotten done and what time they were submitted at any time is just a tad bit difficult for me to resist.

However, I keep telling myself that it would really suck if what I got done every day was on the internet and people could click over and look and see what I got done. Now yesterday, when I had a motivated butt-kicking day and I was PHENOMENAL (ok, maybe not quite that good, but pretty productive) I would have liked it if people could check cuz you would have all been so "wow, she's amazing."

But the day before that I would have preferred that you not be able to check exactly how many games of Bouncing Balls I played trying to motivate myself through the day (I have this little mind game I play with myself to get myself motivated -- but anyway, I digress).

Salinda had only texted me once yesterday to ask me when I was coming home. Otherwise I heard nothing from her. And when I got back from my full day out of the house I didn't run into her until 5:30 when I said, "I haven't seen you all day. How are you?" To which she responded with an unintelligible one word grunt. I then said, "It's time for dinner." And then she was quiet the rest of the night and I was off doing other things and so that was the total number of words I spoke to her.

I won't be talking to her until about 11 today either -- I am doing the coffee shop and then a home visit. I will touch base with her, but I can tell things are not happy in her world and if she doesn't want to talk about it there isn't much I can do.

I am hoping to have another day of CRANKING out the work. I have these hyper-motivated streaks sometimes, odd how our personalities work, and then go back into kind of a lull. But I suppose we're all like that.

And now I'm at the end of the time I have alloted to blog this morning and I have no clever way to end this. So I will just end it.

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Jerolyn Bogear said...

I have no way to check your daily "to do" list and I still think, "Wow, she's amazing!" And yes, I also have spurts of energy days mixed with no energy days. Why is that? If they were all spurts, I'd get so much more done.