Saturday, March 14, 2009

There's Something about the Sun

It's shining today. Brightly. I think I hear birds. Something about that after months of very cold, icky weather, that makes me wanna do something ... to have energy, to get out. I saw people playing tennis yesterday, even though the courts were surrounded by traces of old snow.... Minnesotans are ready for Spring.

I have a brainstorm that I am working on about how to keep my kids busy and productive this summer. I will have 6 kids ages 14-17 home this summer and with the economy the way it is even though they are technically employable, they won't be getting jobs that typically they would because others are forced to take them. I was trying to explain to Tony the other day about the recession and hiring and such and I said, "Tony, if you were an employer and could choose between a 14 year old boy and a 40 year old man with a family to feed, who would you choose."

Tony immediately said, "the 14 year old. Duh? Forty year old men have no energy. They couldn't lift things, or move fast, or anything." I'm sure most 40 year old men would be a bit insulted by his insinuations.

So, I have a brainstorm, but I'm not ready to say it outloud here for you all to read yet, but I'll be doing some investigating today and making some plans. At some point if it is going to happen I'll let y'all know.

So for now I'm off to plan and dream, something I enjoy, regardless of whether or not it actually happens.


Linda up north said...

I hope you are sitting in the sun while you dream and plan! High of 45 here today and you better believe I am out there in my shirt sleeves as soon as I get another load of laundry in!
Also... I am laughing my hiney-hoo-hoo off about the 40 year old man. Can't wait til the old guy gets home to enlighten him regarding what young boys thinks about men 10+ years YOUNGER than he is!! :) hahahahaha

Monica said...

That's hilarious! I'm a 40 year old woman and I do more physical (and mental) work each day than the five kids ages 12-18 living in my house. Of course none of them think so.

I recently traded chores with my 14yr old when she complained yet again about being "Cinderella" because she had to do one chore and keep her room picked up. She cracked after only one day unable to keep up with my daily chores that I manage to do around driving everybody everywhere and keeping the bills paid. Ironically, she just thought I was wicked and mean for making her do more chores.

Meanwhile I have 16, 17, and 18 year olds who need to be working but won't put in the hustle needed to find something even if there were jobs to be had.

Good luck on your plan. Can't wait to read what it is.