Sunday, March 29, 2009

Calm in My Home, but Not in My Head

This morning I woke up a couple hours before I needed to. I wanted to go back to sleep as the house was completely quiet and calm, but my head just started spinning.

Salinda and I had a wonderful ride Friday night to pick up her boyfriend. She drove and did fairly well and we had a nice conversation. Her attitude has not been too bad lately, even though she still isn't doing what she is supposed to do with school. Otherwise she's been fairly helpful and at least not taking out her stress on the rest of us (probably because she doesn't feel any cuz I'm feeling it all for her, but I digress).

However, yesterday she decided to start complaining about the food we serve and that pushed me over the edge and I gave her a "talkin' to" about her demands and she decided to take it out on her boyfriend so they had an argument and he threatened to go home. It is their typical response to any conflict -- get away, don't resolve it, break up, be done.

I spent a long time talking to them and he decided to stay. But I've done a lot of thinking about how unacceptable some of her habits are and how they are not working for her and this morning I couldn't stop thinking about how to explain it all to her without arguing.

On top of that there is a situation at church that has my head spinning as to how to best handle it... and I couldn't stop my mind from going through a very long to do list as I am facing an incredibly packed week with a couple of things that really have to be done (like getting the tax stuff to the accountant, for example).

So as Bart was getting ready to leave this morning he said, "Aren't you enjoying the calm that surrounds us?" to which I responded, "I might enjoy it if it weren't for the chaos in my head."

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debbie said...

i have many days where that last couple of lines applies to me. i wish the calm was also in my head.