Friday, March 27, 2009

i Just Have to Say This

Even though most of you don't care.

If you had a mac

and Keynote

and an Iphone

How cool is that remote application?

I just used it for the first time and I'm so psyched. Using my phone to control my presentation.

You ain't got nothing microsoft....


Spinner said...

Claudia, wasn't I right about how great this combo is! I use it every Sunday! We SO have the edge on the technology, don't we?

So happy for you!

Have you discovered that you can change it to the next slide on your phone and then DON'T LET GO WITH YOUR THUMB so when you do let go the slide changes instantly; not a fraction of a second goes by, which is perfect for some text that you want to add to what's already on the screen, having it come in at just the right moment.

Next, you need to learn to play the Ocarina on your phone (cheap app; only a dollar) so that you can generate music to go with your presentation. They'll stay awake for that! (Or for church; there's lots of music from our hymnals online, ready to use.) Great stress-reducer.

Now returning you to your regular non-geeky conversation; thanks for reading along, everyone.

Brandon said...

I do care! I have a mac and keynote and an ipod touch and use the remote app every Sunday at Sunday School! It is way cool!

I agree, who needs microsoft!

Julie said...

And, I am so technologically inept that I don't even know what you are talking about!