Friday, March 06, 2009

For someone who doesn't drink coffee

Isn't it weird that I practically live at a coffee shop? Surrounded by the smells of gourmet mocha latte expresso cappucinos, I drink my ice tea and have some breakfast almost every morning. And then I sit and work here, undisturbed as well as comforted by the conversations around me. It makes me feel more human somehow.

I'm feeling a bit better today though my cough is more frequent and lower in my chest. I may be nearing either the end or the worst of this virus that has taken over our town.

Salinda is in a cooperative mood this morning, which is nice and I left her that way to return and take her for the weekend. She is taking a laptop with her with the intentions of catching up with school. The best laid plans. She's getting farther behind by the day.

Mike called last night to talk to Bart and he will be wanting to talk with him today. He's so desperate, but we have nothing to offer him. He doesn't want supervision so a group home environment isn't something he will agree to and there aren't any other options. Nobody can get a job, much less a convicted felon. It's a sad situation. Not ever easy to know what to do. Tomorrow is his 20th birthday.

Sometimes it is downright discouraging to look at the results of our parenting. But then there are days when we look at our kids who are doing well, thriving even, and maybe we're not doing so poorly after all. To have 9 kids at home, ages 10-20, none of them in legal trouble, not running around with the wrong crowd, obeying most of the major rules -- none using chemicals that we know of, all claiming to be sexually inactive, who aren't getting kicked out of school -- nobody is getting hurt by each other, no sexual acting out....

I'd say we're blessed.

It's a matter of perspective.

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