Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Day

Today is another new day. I am glad that is true every morning. But I'm feeling a bit drained this morning.

It's funny -- when I do cardio workouts in the morning I feel energized -- but the weight lifting mornings I feel sore and drained. Gonna have to think about that.

Salinda's life is exhausting me. I wish I had the kind of personality that I could just let it go and let her worry about it, but as you know as readers of my blog, i so desperately want her to live up to her potential and succeed that I keep trying to help. And helping doesn't do any good. It takes away from my time and energy and it doesn't do anything for her -- sometimes it even sets her back.

But having her home all the time it makes it hard to stay out of things when she is ALWAYS home during the day. Today I"m escaping to the coffee shop where I hang out and hope to get work done, but what I really need is a nap. I've never slept there before, but there are some nice chairs there that may be comfy enough to try it....

I also have a PCA assessment for Tony and Dominyk which always proves to be interesting. I never have to worry that they won't come through for me and prove that they need assistance. They usually manage to act horribly inappropriately even without trying.

Hmmm. 20 minutes until the kids get up. Maybe I'll just take a little nap right now.

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debbie said...

just reading about the homeschool trying exhausts me and gives me food for thought for the future. also, sooooo jealous that you guys get PCAs!! our county didn't know what i was talking about.