Monday, March 02, 2009

Less than Enthusiastic

Still not feeling good this morning, but went to the YMCA anyway. Gained weight after trying really hard to eat right and exercising 5 days last week. Just really don't want to think about how that happened. I've been back at consistent exercise for three weeks now and have gained weight. The old "muscle weighs more than fat thing" probably isn't working for me.

I've lost a file I can't find, am irritable and crabby, and am asking myself why anyone wants to read this blog post. Well, actually you probably don't want to be reading it. In fact, maybe you're not.


Ferjenib said...

Claudia - I feel you pain on the weight thing. I too have been bumping up the exercise and have not had matching results on the scale - could be due to my venti hot choc habit - on the plus side my mood has been great! Keep it up and results will come.

Nancy said...

And I always read your blog - good, bad, ugly, happy, whatever!

Susan said...

I'm reading, always. Somehow I feel better when I know I'm not the only one having a bad day.