Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dreams, Appointments, and Lack of Energy

I woke up from dreams of middle schoolers putting 7 layer bars in my ears and gooey turtle bars in my belly button followed by me trying to find clean clothes for a speaking engagement (they were dirty from the chocolate) and helping Bart (carrying all our luggage) navigate the taxi system in a big city in Mexico..... (anybody ever ridden in a "convi"?

The morning was not good, with me groggy and sick and Bart gone and Tony shoving me into a chair after I dared touch him to try to get him out of bed 15 minutes after I woke him up the first time. If he tells you I punched him as hard as I could in the face five times, remind him that if that were the case he might have a bruise and that taking his face into my hands to shake him and get him to open his eyes might be a little more accurate.

I am now feeling a bit better but am home alone all day and having hard time pushing forward with my work, though I have tackled some projects I had procrastinated with. We had 5 dentist appointments, an emergency eye doctor appointment, a doctor's appointment, a PCA asssessment, and an IEP meeting all scheduled this week. Everything is complete except the assessment and the IEP meeting -- assessment is postponed and the meeting is tonight.

I'm starting a new women's group with some people from church tonight and I'm excited to get that started. It should be fun.

Maybe by Monday I'll be back at the Y and feeling sort of like me again. I've given myself that long to recover and then i'm DONE being sick.

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debbie said...

bless your heart, woman, you are having a bad week.