Sunday, March 01, 2009

Head Cold and my large Preschooler

Yesterday my headaches I've been having all week turned into a massive head cold that ran over me like a truck. I slept 10 hours Friday night and was still tired all day.

In addition to the headache and having a few things I had to accomplish, I was trying to assume most of "Dominyk Duty" as Bart is even sicker than I am. Dominyk is a very large preschooler on weekends. He weighs almost 190 now and he cries non stop about one thing or another. He begs and whines and negotiates and cries until he can get something he wants and then as soon as gets it or gives up on getting it he starts with another request and that is the cycle of the day. We've tried all kinds of things but usually this is the pattern.

yesterday I was firm with him and expected of him what was expected of everyone else which caused him to sob for most of the day.

It was lovely.

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Tracey said...

Wow! You just described my 11-year-old "preschooler" perfectly! I feel your pain! And I did NOT want to adopt a small child. I guess the joke's on me!