Monday, March 16, 2009

Heading into another Week

I decided to ignore my rumbling, upset stomach and went to the Y this morning. It's a great feeling to come home at 6:30 showered and having exercised. Now if I could just get my stomach to cooperate I might be back to normal.

Salinda is heading home to face the music of online school today. She is so far behind and has to catch up. I predict her being horribly crabby but she promises she won't so I guess we'll see who is right.

Regardless of how it goes, if any of it is bad it will be my fault, so at least I'm prepared for that fact.

I have an entire day ahead with no meetings. Hopefully I'll feel well enough to get some things done. I thought on Friday I was over this -- whatever it is -- but it still hasn't gone away.


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