Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Psychically Connected and Completely Incompatible

Still not feeling up to par, but the doctor today gave me permission to stop taking one of the medicines that was completely messing me up. So I am feeling a bit better already.

Yesterday morning when my stomach was so upset I started thinking about the only meal that sounded good to me: Baked Potato Bar. And I meant to mention it to my husband as a dinner plan for supper but I forgot. And low and behold, what did he make for supper? The best baked potato bar ever. Broccoli, chili, cheese, ham bacon, sour cream, and a wonderful fruit salad. Dang, I love that guy. We are psychically connected.

But this afternoon after he and I had lunch we came home and were both pretty tired. He likes to sleep with the television on and watch crime shows and I like it quiet, but I am submissive so we often rest with the TV on. At one particular part of an episode where they were explaining how this woman reached her breaking point to strangle her baby or something. There was construction going on in the house and the noise was horrific and the baby was crying over it and I looked over at Bart he was snoring above the construction/screaming baby at full volume TV show. When I quietly pointed out the irony by saying, "are you really sleeping over that noise" he quickly awakened, punched the remote power button, and said, "NOT ANY MORE." Dang, I love that guy. But we are completely incompatible.

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