Thursday, March 26, 2009

Crashing and Burning

I was really wound up today. I trained for 10 straight hours and then I did another meeting for another hour and a half and i was really in top form. I had made it to 9 a.m. without anyone making me mad, and so I was in a particularly good mood. The people that were at the training were fun and engaging and interactive and good listeners and that always revs me up. It was a great day.

By the end of the day I was feeling quite positive about my life both professionally and personally.

And then I came home.

Actually, it wasn't horrible, but I was faced with some crabbiness and a general attack by several kids who hadn't seen me all day and wanted some attention. I was overwhelmed for a few minutes, but things settled down.

I also got to see several children who have homes because of my work, and that is rewarding.

So I'm exhausted, but it's a good day all around. Even with the stress of the past half hour.

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