Thursday, April 30, 2009

And More Drama

So after a morning of Tony and Dominyk and their therapy I had been texting Salinda who was complaining of stabbing stomach pains and then suddenly stopped texting. I thought she might be passed out or something but apparently they weren't stabbing enough to keep her awake and have her sleeping it. I woke her up hours after she was supposed to be up doing school and was not treated well. I was already exhausted at 10:30 a.m.

I worked a couple hours at the coffee shop and then on my way out of town received a text from Salinda. Mike decided to call Salinda while she was home alone. He had apparently been over at the high school talking to Jimmy and had called her to announnce that he was coming to the house. Salinda told him it wasn't a good idea but he said he was coming anyway. She did exactly the right thing. She texted me immediately and locked the doors to the house. This is a huge step for her as a couple years ago she would have let him in and done whatever he asked.

The problem with the scenario was that both Bart and I were out of town -- not far, but far enough we couldn't make it back on. I told her that she had done the right thing and told her to call if he came. She called a few minutes later to say that he had called and asked her repeatedly to come outside, but she had refused and he had finally driven away. Apparently he was looking for money. We found out later tonight that he had been at the lunchroom at Jimmy's school badgering him for money until he was told by the principal that he had to leave.

I made it to the out of town home visit and then came home to have dinner quickly and then was heading out to an important meeting at the church when Salinda's mom's boyfriend called and left a message. I chose to ignore that until after the meeting. However, there was a message from John as well saying he was coming to the house tonight to get some stuff he left here at Easter. Fortunately he was also willing to bring back some of the things he had taken from us, but it was one more piece of drama I did not need. I told him he could come after our meeting.

So, after the exciting but exhausting meeting we came home and I had to arrange for John to come and pick up his stuff. And then I tried to call the boyfriend's mother. She was busy and she asked that I call back tomorrow. So we saw John, we had Mike in our driveway, and I'm drowning in teenage girl drama.




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