Thursday, April 02, 2009

A New Day Up North

I woke up about 6:50 and debated sleeping a while but figured i should be wide awake for my presentation this morning. I know that the expectation is energy and humor, but I don't feel like I have much of either at the moment.

My presentation today is about surviving parenthood.... and so far I've done that, so I guess I'm qualified. But who knows how the rest of the journey will go. ;-)

I got an instant message last night that further confirms the concern I've been having about the lack of support provided to us as adoptive parents. While parenting our children is very difficult, even on a good day, doing it without support makes it almost impossible.

I'm still struggling with the idea of recruiting families knowing the uphill battle they climb. but it's about the kids.
I keep telling myself that.

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Torina said...

OK. So you know I read you every single day and sometimes six times a day when you post that many. I have read all your ups and downs and struggles. And I gather you read me and know that I am not naive when it comes to getting support, since I struggle to get it much of the time (but usually do when I kick and scream hard enough).

With all that said, it is all worth it. Recruiting is worth it. Raising our kids is worth it. Because like your wonderful husband says, we give them a choice when they have NONE. I never thought I would be parenting a kid who would never live independently but here I am. And I thank GOD that I have her and that she has us. Because we both need each other and make each other better because of it.

My kids have tales yet to be told as I have only been doing this for three years. But whether they end up in prison or Harvard, as doctors or patients, it is all worth it. Every second. The good and the bad. Without pain, we would not get stronger.

You are doing good. Sometimes the day-to-day sucks. But you are still doing good.