Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Too Harsh?

I need to call Cindy's Cell and say, "Hey girl, tell me I wasn't too harsh" . I just read John the riot act when he finally got around to calling us to tell us he's OK. I let him know he was making a horrible decision. He is convinced he can make it on his own, living with a girlfriend's family without a job. I tried to point out that it was possible that she might not love him forever and that it was a little hard to get a job and that he had just walked away from free room and board indefinitely. But he is convinced that he is fine and that he is making the right decision.

I was probably a little frustrated, just letting him have it, but I represent reality and I thought I'd give it one more effort before it became impossible for him to change his mind. He could go back to the group home today and not have any problem getting them to give him another chance. But by the end of the month it will be too late. And that isn't enough time for him to crash and burn.....

So I was firm ... representing the ever so annoying reality of life to him -- while he lives in a fantasy world where he is ready to make it on his own and group home living is not for him. For his sake, I hope that he proves me wrong. BUt I have a strong feeling that once again I will be right.

When it comes to some of my kids, I hate being right.

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Cindy said...

NO, you are not too harsh. Since when is reality considered harsh?