Saturday, April 04, 2009

I am Doing Nothing

I am wasting time. Doing nothing. Absolutely nothing productive. And I'm loving it.

our day was long. We spent 8 hours away from the house for a 15 minute meeting. But we had fun. And I think we took 11 of us to the mall of america and purchased one easter outfit and meals for all of us for under $200. How many people can discipline themselves that much? And only one of our children complained.

Like I predicted, the day was better than I thought... and the surprising thing? Well, Salinda is in the "you can't talk to my boyfriend's mom cuz you just make things worse" mood (uh, it's called, making things TRUTHFUL, but whatEVER). The surprising thing was that she took it so far as to not let me talk to her to give her directions on where to find us. Which made it a little frustrating for her to try to help her get there. But eventually they found her.

The not so surprising thing is that Tony made sure that whoever was with him was as miserable as possible, which is why Bart and I made sure not too many people ahd to be around him.

I think we all had a pretty good day, considering. Well, everyone but Bart who came home emotionally exhausted to find he had people in the hospital he had to visit and two people had died. So he is off providing pastoral care while I do absolutely nothing.

And that isn't fair at all. But that doesn't mean I'm going to do anything.

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Jerolyn Bogear said...

Poor Bart.