Saturday, April 04, 2009

Joy, or at least a better attitude, always comes in the morning

Slept over 9 hours last night and feel much more like myself. Thanks for those of you who commented on my rant last night -- I thought it was actually funny myself once I finished writing it.

We're heading to the Twin Cities with everyone except Rand and with one friend, so that should be interesting. Most families getting ready to take some kind of small trip like this would just get in the car and go, but we have so many different things we need to do in order to make the trip work. Who is riding next to who will make a huge difference in how the trip goes and so the logistics are quite daunting. And now we have two people to pick up on the way there and one person to drop off (yes, it's Salinda and yes, I'm actually grateful for the break from her. I need it. And I could blog about ten paragraphs about how warped the situation is with her and her boyfriend and her boyfriend's family, but I"m just going to let it be. It's not like super weird or anything -- but it is complex and... never mind. Not going to explain. But it will be nice to get a break. She's been home and in the house nearly every day and night all day long for over 2 weeks and that is a long time for her and I to coexist.

So we will see how our day goes. I'm sure that in some ways it will be better than I am anticipating, and in other ways I will be shocked by something that happens that does not go anything like I could even predict.

But most of our days are like that.

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Jerolyn Bogear said...

You can still be shocked? After some things I've experienced in the last 2 years, I think I've lost any element of surprise. And my life is no where near yours. Pray you have an awesome trip.