Friday, April 10, 2009

Making it Work

One of the things we have discovered is that if we separate Tony and Dominyk, all of the rest of the kids can hold it together at home without parents for a couple hours. In fact, they often do better without us there. The last two days our "children with a conscience", as Cindy referred to that type of children in her blog today have been steadily working on cleaning the house and raking the back yard without being asked. They know they are earning money, because we don't give our kids money they don't earn, but their motivation is to please us.

In order to keep those two apart, we took Tony with us on Wednesday, and yesterday and today, while the other kids have been sleeping, I've brought Dominyk to Dunn Brothers. He loves it here and yesterday he was very pleased with his low cholesterol choice. He has been spending time reading, which, if he will pick up a book and get started, he actually enjoys. Meanwhile, I get more work done that I would if I were home listening to him scream:


Tony is hurting me..

And if I don't respond in 3 seconds, because I'm on an important phone call trying to convince someone, over the screaming, to adopt kids like mine....

See, you don't care about me....

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