Sunday, April 05, 2009


Yesterday Tony was doing everything he could to push Dominyk (and thus me) over the edge yesterday as we drove around the Twin Cities. And Dominyk, because Bart and I didn't communicate well, was without his Aderall, so he gave Tony plenty of ammo. However, for him, he did pretty well holding it together.

At one point during the day while we having lunch there was a lull in the conversation and Tony was actually quiet and I caught him looking for something to be irritated by. It made me laugh.

On the way from the audition to the Mall of America, Dominyk was talking about something and Tony said, "Geez, Kid. You're imagination is just out of control. I can't believe what a big imagination you have" in a very annoying disdainful tone."

And Dominyk, not at all agitated, replied, "Well thank you, Tony."

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