Monday, April 13, 2009

Weird Way to Start My Day

I went to the Y with Kari (no that's not weird) but have spent the last few minutes looking at my weight numbers since 2002. Even though I have gained back about 15 of what I lost last spring and summer, I am still lower than I had been the previous six years. That is encouraging to me and motivates me to try again.

I woke up completely dreading my day. I have a lot of things to do that I don't want to do, and I always dread Salinda's return because I never know what mood she is going to be in. But I had a great workout and now I"m feeling motivated at least. Hopefully the next half hour goes well and nobody messes with my mojo.

The day is ahead of me. My desk is piled high and my to do list is long. But right now I'm counting ont he Endorphyn Hypothesis:

The edorphyn hypothesis is the most physiologically based theory that endorphyns produced by the brain, pituitary gland, plus other body tissues, reduce the sensation of pain and produce a state of euphoria.

Or maybe i'm euphoric after working out simply because I believe I'm supposed to be.

Whatever. It's working for me. Until someone pisses me off. ;-) Nothing like getting 7 kids off to school on the first day after Spring Break to test the edorphyn hypothesis....

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