Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Humorous Anecdote

Last night we were at church and we were waiting to have supper and Leon told me that he had turned his ankle at practice. I asked him if he had heard a noise when he did it, like a popping or a crunching noise. He said no and asked me why I asked.

I told the kids a story about how when I lived in Mexico I was walking down a dark stairway and twisted my ankle and fell. I made the creaking popping noise that my ankle made when it turned.

Wilson pipes up, "Are you sure it wasn't the staircase?"

And then Ricky, slowly and in his deep heavily accented voice, said a very long sentence for him, "Did everyone in the whole town have to come help you get up?"

I love it that my kids have a great sense of humor, even if the target is me. In fact, in our house you are not allowed to tell "Your mama's so fat" jokes, but if you want to tell a "My Mama's so fat joke" I allow those. ;-)

Sorry Ricardo isn't looking at the camera in this picture. I wanted you to see his smile and he refuses to look into the camera and smile simultaneously....

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Angela :-) said...

Funny, very, very funny!

Angela :-)