Thursday, April 09, 2009

ODD on Steroids

Sometimes if I can take a step back I can actually laugh at how oppositional Tony is. He really does try to oppositional about everything and sometimes I can actually get him to laugh at himself when I switch things on him. Like I'll say, "you need to go with me Tony" and he'll say, "NO, I'm NOT going with you." And then I say, "Whew, good. I was hoping to take Dominyk anyway" (or something like that) only to have him say, "That's not fair, you have to take me" to which I can easily say, "oh good, that worked! I REALLY wanted you to come" at which point of course he'll say, "Well, you can't make me go!"

After I attempted to take his picture and he turned his head I said, "Thank you so much! That picture is really going to help me prove a point on my blog when I talk about oppositional behavior. You were perfect!"

And the look of confusion on his face was priceless.


Other Mother said...

That is hilarious!

HollyMag said...

I REALLY needed this story this morning! You have to find the humor some days or you would go mad! Blessings on your family!

C Moe said...

I found your blog, as I searched for info on ODD.

The child we are considering adopting has that diagnosis and we were told to be sure we did our research.

Your blog has helped alleviate some of the fear but also given a real world perspective.


Angela :-) said...

So far I'm finding ODD to be an easier thing to handle (from a parenting perspective) than OCD and even ADHD.

Angela :-)

debbie said...

and on that same note, my daughter's teacher called today, frustrated, and said she is so socially inappropriate! she just says whatever comes into her head whenever she wants to even if i am still talking! to which i calmly said, yes, and...? she responded, well we are just not used to that she has always been so good here! and again i replied, yes, and...? i think my point was made.

Mom in MN said...

Laugh or go's always good to find the humor in it. I had to try something similar with one of my girls once. She was supposed to take two tablets of some type of medication (I forget what) and I knew she wouldn't want to. So I said "You can only have one." Of course she responded that she wanted two, which worked out great. Except for my mom in the background (clueless) saying "But she's supposed to have TWO!". Thankfully my daughter didn't register what my mom said.