Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How Many Times Can I Use the Same Title

My computer has an autofill component and so if I type the same thing in the same box it will complete itself. Apparently I have used the words "home Again" as the beginning of several different entries -- so i have had to add variations, but this time I ran out of creative solutions.

Our re-entrance into the family was with very minimal stress. It seemed to take forever for us to get home last night, but the kids did just fine while we were gone. Other than a few glares from Salinda over something trivial and Wilson being a bit out of sorts this morning (which is unusual) we are having a pretty good transition.

I checked on Salinda's online school progress after letting her be responsible for it for several weeks because it was stressing me out too much. I did so to prove she wasn't telling me the truth. Wow, is she far behind. She may not pass many classes, but it's her life and I'm trying not to get too involved. However, she wants a favor this weekend, so I've got some leverage. We are having a late breakfast together this morning to talk about it all and I'm not exactly looking forward to it. I still tend to get over-anxious before our conversations (Post-Traumatic Stress I suppose). Memories of her threatening to jump out of vehicles, grabbing the wheel when I'm driving, pushing me out of her room, screaming in my face, cursing like a sailor .... not fond memories and they seem to cause me some anxiety when i know I have to confront her again.

The next few weeks, like they are with everyone, are super busy for me and there are some things I look forward to and some things I'm dreading.

Our session went well yesterday. Bart and I did one together with a fairly large and receptive group. Immediately following Bart presented with some of his fellow trainers for a state children's mental health progra. My husband is an incredible man. Whenever I hear him speak I am awed by his insight. One of my favorite things he says is this:

I started this journey to save a few children. But instead my kids have saved me.

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