Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Ok, so He's a Bit Spoiled, but Can You Blame Us?

I confess that Wilson is getting a bit spoiled. Not horribly so, because that's just not my nature, but the little things slip with him. He's so easy going and pleasant and he just seems to slip through the cracks on some of our rules. Since he is the youngest and will soon be the only non teenager or adult in the home, some things just don't seem to be the same for him as they were for everyone else.

He's a slow eater, but he can typically put away a lot of food so the "if you are young enough to order off the kids menu you have to" rule. And since, according to restaurants, he is our only child these days, the look on his sad little face when we order big meals and he has a kids menu is pretty pathetic. Thus, he ends up with a lot of food some days -- often more than he even realizes.

A couple of days ago Bart and I took Dominyk and Wilson out for lunch because they were the only children not at school. During the meal I looked at my Iphone and saw an email asking me to take on yet another project. It is a very important one, but I am so swamped.... so I was telling Bart about it and said, "How am I going to fit it all in?"

Wilson looked down at his plate, and back up at us and said, "How AM I going to fit it all in."

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