Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Accidental Gentleman

If you are on my facebook you saw this status update:

Claudia Flye Fletcher suggests that if you're going to add your mom as a friend on facebook you might not want to do that at 12:42 a.m if your bedtime is at ten even if she is out of town

The offender was Ricardo and it turns out it has happened more than once. He was very crafty and has attempted to cover his tracks, but the bottom line is that his mamma is too smart.

So after some exploring and wading through several lies (which is unusual for him). As everyone left the vehicle this morning I asked him to stick around and explained that until his attitude changed and we could have a conversation he was grounded.

He glared at me, but then, out of habit said, "Thank You" and then the look of horror on his face was priceless. He had accidentally and by habit been nice to me. Without saying a word he slammed the door quite hard to make sure I knew the thank you was insincere.


vicsens said...

That's so funny! Not the disobedience, but the fact that his manners are so in-grained that he even said "thank you" after just being grounded! What a great kid!


Jen C said...

Oooops..busted! Gotta be on your toes when you have a smart mama!!