Thursday, May 07, 2009

Haven't Stopped Moving Since I Jumped Out of Bed

(started this last night and never finished it so I'll finish it now)

I could go through and tell you everything I have done since I woke up this morning but I don't think that you probably care much. It's just details and errands and emails (Yes, I did make it to under 100 by the end of the day -- spent a full 4 hours on it this morning without stopping) and then some more this afternoon.

I have also had a great deal of emotional management to do because of the queen of drama who seems to create it. If she spent as much time focusing on anything but getting out of this house for the weekend she could be very successful -- like school for example, or possibly getting a JOB, or maybe even helping out around here. But the entire week has been dedicated to one quest -- getting away from me for Mother's Day Weekend.

But you see, I have just a little bit of dignity. And while I will not forbid her from leaving, I dont' feel like providing a ride to she can spend Mother's Day with someone else's mom.

So now I'm being punished with a vengeance. She is defying all the small rules and really being mean to me.

My next post is going to be called "Happy Frickin' Mother's Day." I'll write it from the coffee shop where I will go to hide from her venom....


Cindy said...

"getting away from me for Mother's Day Weekend"

You could've put a big ole DUH here but, hey, we get it.

debbie said...

you go girl