Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Drama by Text

I had a good day. I really did. Though it didn't start all that well, and I'm not sure it is going to end all that well, It started with a phone call from Salinda's boyfriend's mom and I'm sure I didn't get as involved as she hoped I would. My goal is for everyone to just get along and I don't want to be sucked into a situation where everyone is trying to control teenagers because that never goes well.

So then brief day-long-interlude from the drama. I did my Myths and Methods of Matching Presentation and it went very well. More people there than expected and a wonderful bunch of people to work with. I met some incredible folks and had a great time.

Then back to more drama. Salinda texting, me finally insisting on talking to her, her hanging up on me -- I'm just not going to take sides and talk bad about people. I'm not going to give her permission to do really stupid things. But the whole thing is beyond draining. It's hard enough to handle the drama of our own family without being mixed up in someone else's. And attempting to complete stop teens from doing something only makes them want it more.

I sometimes feel like I'm being forced to ride on a train that is doomed to crash and nothing I say or do will allow me to get off th train....

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