Monday, May 04, 2009

Not Much Time this Morning

Printing boarding passes, itinerary and hotel information.... I'm getting ready to take off again. It would be nice if I could spread out all these trips but for some reason they usually clump together. I had a trip in October and one in early February, but three in April and one right afterwards. It starts to seem a bit frenetic sometimes, but then it settles down and becomes routine for a while and then we are back to something chaotic.

The kids seem to be handling it better than they used to. It used to take an army of volunteers to handle the kids if we were both going to be out of town, but now if we just have a little help they are fine. That's nice to see... One of nice things about our kids is that our rules are pretty strict so when we are gone and they "GO WILD" they do things like watch TV until 10:45 p.m. They have a good tattle network in place as well so we usually hear what has happened.

This time it's only me going though, so it's not like we're both going to be out of town. I have learned to let it go for the most part while I'm gone and enjoy being away. I used to stress so much about what was happening there that I couldn't relax and enjoy my time away.

So I'm off to Amarillo..... will blog more from airport or hotel later on today.

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Kimberly said...

Have a fun safe trip.
I'm sure all of the kids, and the house will survive and be there when you return :)